Pinocchio Award for Sustainable Development


The 2011 Pinocchio Awards for Sustainable Development is open to the publicvotes. The Friends of the Earth holds, as every year, the Pinocchio price to denounce the greenwashing of some French companies.

in 2011, on the international level, no one ever contest the environmental and social urgency. Nevertheless, the big companies as important economical players have hardly progressed in terms of corporate social and environmental responsibility. It’s time to stop saying one thing and mean another. Who lies? Who is only green on the outside?

This year the nominees are grouped in three categories:


One for all , all for me!

Tereos – Sime Darby – Blue Car (Bolloré)
Awarded to the company that led the most aggressive policy in terms of ownership and exploitation of natural resources.

  Greener than Green

 Vinci – Veolia – The Observatory of Offline Media (OHM)                      Awarded to the company that led the communications campaign the most abusiveand deceptive in terms of its actual activities.

 Dirty Hands, pockets full

– Societe Generale  – Perenco Finance – Toreador
Awarded to the company that conducted the most successful policy in terms of opacity and lobbying.

To participate go to page 2011 Pinocchio Awards :

Pinocchio Awards



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