The resource “waste” a real gold mine for Europe

A study by the European Commission published on 13January, the full implementation of EU legislation on wastewould save 72 billion euros per year, to increase the annual turnover of the sector (EU) for the management and waste recycling of 42 billion and create over 400,000 jobs by 2020.

Each person consumes sixteen tons of resources per year in the European Union, of which six become waste, half taking the lead in landfills. In many Member States, the landfill is the preferred option for waste management. This intolerable situation persisted despite the existing EU legislation in this area.

Improve the implementation has significant advantages

The European waste management and recycling is very dynamic, but the economic opportunities still a huge potential for development. In 2008, turnover of 145 billion represented about 1% of EU GDP and 2 million jobs. Compliance with the EU policy contribute to the emergence of a strong sector of 2.4 million jobs and making a total annual turnover of 187 billion euros.

next Steps

The study findings will be reviewed and analyzed by the Commission. As recommended by the Road Map for Europe in the effective use of resources and the Thematic Strategy on waste prevention, they will inform the development of a balanced mix of legal and economic instruments. These strategies aim to encourage economic incentives and legal, such as taxes or bans on landfill, the extension of producer responsibility systems and the introduction of charging systems based on the volume waste (pay as you throw).


One thought on “The resource “waste” a real gold mine for Europe

  1. Hi,
    sixteen tons of resources! I never imagined produce as much waste!
    I did not know either that the French were one of the largest producers of waste in Europe!

    Thank you for information, good post!


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