Plastics Recycling Business

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The amount of plastic used in the world is becoming increasingly important. There is a world production of over 60 million tones. We find the plastic products in our life of every day: water bottle, pen, bag, computer etc…

Fichier:Laysan albatross chick remains.jpgThe plastics are not degradable and poorly biodegraded. In the picture we see that albatross is already completely decomposed so that the waste he ate and killed him are still in perfect condition. Plastic recycling is very important; given the amount of plastic used must be large-scale industries that can respond to the request.

Plastic recycling has always been a complicated operation, plastic material itself very complex. It is still not recycled plastic oil.

Recycled plastic is thus creating new material. Innovation is important in the middle and found a material issue of plastic bags that could replace the wood fibers.

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Welcome to my blog,

Welcome to my blog.

My name is Dimitri Girard in this blog, I I’ll tell you about the various issues surrounding recycling. Waste treatment has become very important in our world of consumerism.


Recycling issues are twofold:

 Environment: Waste is dangerous to our nature; degradation time is very long, such as the plastic bag which is made in one second, with a mean duration of 20 minutes and uses a decomposition of 400 years.
 Economy: The waste is a treasure for France, they are primarily raw materials are transformed into a consumer product. With an effort wastes can again become the raw material. We are such a large consumer of rare earth (mobile phone) and the rare earths are return (almost free) in China to be recycled and resold to us….